We could start at the beginning, but really that was a long time ago. But you're not going anywhere for a minute or two, and you seem to be a little curious as to how this curious band of bards got together, so let me regale you with the (hopefully) entertaining tale of the beginning of the Bards.

It all started with Nathan McCartney. I say "started" because he's the oldest in the group so technically he was barding before the rest of us were twinkles in our parent's eyes. Nathan was an avid musician at a very young age, and began his band career at the tender age of 14. He plays pretty much any instrument he can get ahold of, but mostly he plays guitar, drums, and flute. He has also been singing and composing music for longer than any of us would care to remember.

One fateful January day in 2002, Nathan decided to audition for "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Anacortes Community Theatre. Little did he know that by playing Jesus he would find himself a dear friend who would later become his wife and fellow Bard, Amanda Savage. Amanda had been playing the piano since before she could climb the piano bench, and had been composing her own songs almost as long, and singing far before that. She was a constant artist, bouncing around from paintings and sketches to poetry, stories, and play-writing. She was always very involved in the theatre, usually as an actress and singer (with an astronomical soprano voice-- she has been asked to sing so much alto lately that she now has over a 3 octave range).

Amanda was one of the apostles (complete with beard), and fell deeply in love with the long-haired actor, and they struck up a year-long friendship wherein they played shows together and even produced Amanda's first demo CD. After a year of close friendship, they realize there was a chance for much more in their relationship (or some other phrase equally sappy sounding). After a year of being the sappiest couple in the known world, they got engaged during the curtain call of a performance of "The Lion in Winter" at Anacortes Community Theatre in which they played medieval royalty that barely spoke to one another.

They were married on the same stage in full medieval regalia. A sign of things to come? Here's more proof: they played songs they had composed for each other as part of their vows, Nathan on his guitar, and Amanda on her piano. The whole thing was absolutely the sweetest most magooey show of love and affection you ever saw so if you weren't there, you'd have to go into a diabetic coma to imagine the amount of sweetness in that theatre.

Now that Nathan and Amanda had made themselves even more inseperable (does anyone need a spoon to gag on yet?) they wound up playing even more music together. And, as happens to even the coolest of us from time to time, they were drug into a thing called the Society for Creative Anachronism by their theatre friends who had formed a little group called the Towne of KeyPoynt, and to their surprise, Nathan and Amanda absolutely fell in love with all things SCA. The Bards of KeyPoynt had just begun their strange career, however, and more craziness was sure to ensue.

It wasn't long after our favorite bardic couple dove headfirst into the beautiful insanity that is the non-mundane world that they discovered Nathan's sister's boyfriend was a fantastic tin whistle player, and had a marvelous way with melodies. They quickly schemed and plotted and just as their friends had with them before, drug Kate and Scott into the mix, and before you could say "Huzzah!" the Bards repertoire grew along with its numbers.

The Bards of KeyPoynt primarily consists of Nathan, Amanda, and Scoot, although various members of KeyPoynt and fellow musicians occasionally throw in for a song or two. They have released their debut album, Welcome to KeyPoynt, which is available for $15. $15 for 15 songs, that's a dollar a song! :) However, as always, they perform for no more charge than the lovely smile on your face, so feel free to stop them and request your favorite, or just tell them to play whatever they feel like (although be warned, that could potentially result in the strangest and silliest songs you've ever heard).

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know the Bards a little better, and welcome you to get to know them in person! They're all very friendly types, and love to play for anyone who'll listen!

Until next time,
Bardically yours,
(I don't care if it's not a real word, I think it sounds cool!)

The Bards of KeyPoynt