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The Bards of KeyPoynt Facebook Page - Make it Facebook Official! Become a Bards fan, and help spread the word about these crazy Bards!

Abian - a webcomic by Kate, creator of our beautiful website (she also happens to be Nathan's sister and Scott's significant other).

Abian MySpace - a forum for the Abian webcomic, featuring songs written and performed by Amanda.

The Bards of KeyPoynt MySpace - incase you didn't get enough of us here.

Amanda McCartney MySpace - some of Amanda's "solo career" songs.

Saul Nathaniel McCartney MySpace - that's Nathan (or Kenneniah) to you. Nathan's "solo career" songs.

Lendral MySpace - lyrics written by Kate, music written by Amanda, performed by Amanda. Look for these songs on a Bards of KeyPoynt album to come!

Modra-Matic MySpace - lyrics written by Jillian Johnson, music written by Amanda, performed by Amanda. Some truly beautiful songs from a rather talented young girl.

The Ornamentals MySpace - Classic Christmas songs performed by Nathan, Amanda, and Amanda's sister Breanna. Features an original song by Amanda.

I Hate Musicals! MySpace - songs from the musical comedy written by Amanda. (She doesn't really hate musicals, as you can probably tell)

Mary's Frantic Search for Truth MySpace - original songs used as pre-show music for Amanda's one-act play about a woman's last thoughts. All lyrics and music by Amanda. (She's nothing if not prolific)

Amandakittie's Deviant Art Page - artwork by Amanda through the ages! Like I said, prolific.

LTalonr Deviant Art - artwork by Kate, definitely worth checking out.

Anacadia Artisans - the merchant group through which the Bards of KeyPoynt sell their music at events. Check this place out for fine furniture and garb by some of the most talented artisans we've ever met. Oh, and yeah, we're there, too. :)

The Bards Wiki - We apparently got this wiki because we won the Midhaven Bardic Championship, and we didn't even know it! (obviously, we are aware of it now!)